The First Milestone Of Thecelo !

We love it, we built it , we made it!

Celo is an open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. Attracted by Celo’s fascinating mission and unique technology, Bi23 Labs has been following the project for a long time , and has been actively participating in the ecological construction through many ways.

Not long ago, we started to built, it’s a Celo data statistics provider, a place where you can see the comprehensive、real-time and accurate data of Celo network. Until now, we’re excited to announce that we’ve reached the first milestone! that is , bascially all the important data you need to know as a user/validator can be find in thecelo.

Currently consists of six main modules, here’s a brief introduction of them.


The dashboard page displays the network stats and the token supply details, you can also see the economics data such as reserve infors and additional crypto assets here.


The validator page displays the group data and individual validators data. when you click the group name , it will jump to the group details page, where you can see more clearly and specifically.


The exchange page displays the $cUSD/$CELO trading volume.

Rich List

This page displays the accounts details of Celo network.


This page displays the status and results of governance proposals.

CELO Token Release Schedule

When you’re curious about how the CELO token releases, this page will give you some thoughts.

There’re also API page, network parameters page to help developers understand how we get these data, and a validator rewards calculator page to help users/validators to do their decision.

In the next, we will continue to make further improvements and upgrades to thecelo, so as to meet the needs and serve the community better.

Thanks for all the support and feedback we got these days, without you we can’t go this far. this is just the first milestone, we believe there’ll be more!

Feel free to contact us:

Official Twitter

Official Website

At last, attach some of the photos of Bi23 Labs as an happy ending~

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