The Second Milestone, The Better!

More accurate, more comprehensive, more real-time, and faster.

In August 2020, was born and officially met everyone. In the past five months, with great luck, thecelo has been loved by many celo community users and also been supported and approved by clabs.

We have been receiving lots of great ideas and feedback from our community all this time, and are keeping upgrading thecelo to make it more accurate, more comprehensive, more real-time, and faster.

Day by day, we gradually optimize and improve it. Today, we are very pleased to announce that thecelo has reached the second milestone!

Now, allow me to walk you through our new features!

1, TheCelo whale reminder bot.

The whale reminder bot will report the large and interesting transactions as they happen. all data available through our API. you can get notifications on telegram or discord, or fill in your email to receive the alerts.

you can find the buttons at the bottom of thecelo homepage.

2, More transaction details and status of groups.

On the Group detail page, we have added transaction logs. including validator, election, transfer, exchange, lockedGold and other transaction records.

3, The RichList page has a new “Type” column to view account types and relevant details.

There are three kinds of types displayed: CeloContract/Releasegold/Account. you can now click them to jump to a new page, where to view the relevant information corresponding to this address, including balance, releaseegold contracts, votes, and transactions.

4, Added search box to improve browsing efficiency.

5, Optimize the real-time issue of group/validator/Attestation data acquisition.

6, Fix several data acquisition and calculation bugs.

There are stills many things we can do to make better, we are deeply aware of this and are actively preparing for it.

Let’s meet on milestone three!

Good luck to everyone and take care!

Feel free to contact us:


Twitter: @bi23com

Discord: Emma | Bi23 Labs#9980

A trusted Proof-Of-Stake infrastructure provider and validator to comfortably stake your coins and earn rewards.

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